Why have a Photo Booth at your Wedding ?

360 Video of a Wedding Photo Booth

Uploaded by Mario Ramirez Photography and Photo Booths on 2016-09-24.

Well the question should be why not .........

Why not give your guest a fun why to entertain themselves and release some of the stress ( yeah guest get stressed at weddings too, the waiting , get dressed , etc ... ) 

Why not fill some of the dead time with an activity that is fun , no need for you to setup ( if you hire the right professional like us ) , especially during that  pre-reception boredom .

Why not use the photo booth prints as the best wedding favors . One thing i have learned people do not throw away their photos or photos of their love ones ( of their Exs that is a different story for a different blog ) they keep them for ever , 5 , 8 , 10 years later those photos will still be around and people will still remember fondly your wedding day .

Why not give your guest the opportunity to loosen up and have fun . Come on the right props with, the right attendant ( like we have always ) your guest will be laughing and having a great time , even those that do not dance , nor drink , nor really like to have fun , enjoy the photo booth . It's a great time to make fun of other and yourself . 

So i gave you 4 reasons why not to have a Photo Booth at your wedding , now i am going to give you the reason WHY YES you should have US.

Because we provide your event with the most professional service and all those Why Nots !!!!