Powerful Moments During a Wedding

Powerful Moments During a Wedding

Powerful Moments

Destination Wedding - Grand Canyon by Helicopter

Destination Wedding - Grand Canyon by Helicopter

Destination Wedding - Grand Canyon by Helicopter

4 Question about photography every couple should ask before booking a Las Vegas Chapel

There seems to be one main Sticky Point when it comes to Destination Weddings here in Las Vegas and it is the whole subject of " Chapel ( Venue ) Photography". There are so many Good, Bad, Ugly, Wonderful, Horrifying, Amazing stories that I would not know where to begin.

Each chapel has their methods and ways of how they run this part of their business. But I believe there is a set of Question every couple should ask before and get the responses in WRITING before booking a chapel in order to not get surprises and then feel cheated or tricked.

I will try my best to give you those questions.

1- When you say I will be getting ( or receiving ) a Photo Session / Photo Shoot / Posed Session - What do you mean when you say " getting ( or receiving ) " 

I know this may seem like a simple thing but did you know that many chapels refer to Photo Session / Photo Shoot / Posed Session to the time the photographer takes in taking the photos and when they say you will get a Photo Session / Photo Shoot / Posed Session it’s referring only to this time nor that you will get any of these photos unless you purchase them after.

Have the Chapel explain each item you will receive in details what it is you will be getting in writing so you can understand exactly what to expect . Because it may not be worth your time to do it if you are not interested in buying them after.

2- When you say I will be getting ( or receiving ) X amount of Digital Ceremony Photos - When do you consider the Ceremony Starts and Ends? 

Some chapels offer a 1st dance - champagne toast - cake cutting and even Family Portraits at the altar. These moments may be considered non-ceremony and you may need to buy these photos ( frustrating right ). Ask them to be clear on what is the ceremony, when it starts , when it ends and whats photos are part of it.

3- When you say I will be getting ( or receiving ) X amount Professional Digital Photos - What Resolution will I get them ( or ask up to what size can I print them in Good Quality ) and will they have any watermark.

Some chapels offer Digital Photos but in such low resolution that a standard 8x10 print ( letter size ) looks pretty bad. This is a very important question to ask if you plan on printing later on. Or give them to you with a watermark . They may later offer high resolution or watermark-less for an extra fee.

4- When you say "If I pay $X I can bring my own Photographer" make sure to have them list what and where is it permitted to shoot and what and where is not. 

Some chapels permit outside photographers for a fee but limit very tightly the scope, places and times permitted to shoot ( some go as far as to say you paid the fee but that excluded the ceremony.). Also, ask if the photographer or videographer will need to bring their COI (certificate of insurance) as they may ask you the day of when you get there ready to get married the photographer or videographer may not have it on them ( they can probably get it online as they should hold insurance if they are professionals ) and if they don't they will not let them shoot and you may lose your fee.

Don’t get me wrong chapels are not these bad companies run by bad people, No , far from it . But sometimes in the way they promote the business they do not add these little details that later become points of frustration. I hope in asking these question when your wedding is said and done and you get your photos you are as happy as the day they were taken.

If you have any question or comments feel free to email me at

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